About us

Since its inception in 2007, Basic Groups has successfully penetrated the animal feed and supplies markets in the middle east. We proudly identify ourselves as regional animal care specialists.
Our reputation has grown within the past few years, and in order to maintain that, we have expanded our team and sharpened our focus on exciting new goals. We offer a wide selection of leading international pet supply brands, services, solutions and expertise with the goal to enhance pet care.
Currently operating in Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman with two main offices and warehouse facilities in Kuwait and UAE.
Our modes of business cover the service sector industry as well as the retail sector industry.
We envision ourselves to become the Middle East’s leading pet products and services provider.
In order to do so, we have dedicated our mission to providing high standard of care, food and supplies for pets (and animals) in the Middle East by investing in skills, knowledge, infrastructure community awareness in order to reach the best possible environment for all..

Our Warehouses